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When preparing for photos that you'll take on your wedding day, it's important to make sure your appearances are top notch. This can be either a painless process or a grueling one depending on how specific you prefer to be with your appearance and organization. For many, this can be a fantastic opportunity to make yourself, and your soon-to-be spouse look as well as you can, but for others, it can mean a lot of frustration over making it just perfect.

One of the most conflicting aspects of preparing for your wedding photos is distinguishing between the elements of your photos that you can control and things that you can't control.

To help you relax and not worry about things that are not so important, here is a list of things to keep in mind while preparing for your wedding photos:

Rain or Shine, Have a Plan!

At the front of the list of things you really can't plan for, weather can be quite unpredictable. Regardless of if you follow a forecast, weather can change at any time and can turn a great wedding into an uncomfortable one if you're not prepared. For many, this can ruin their outdoor photos if they plan for an idyllic scene with sun and are greeted instead by a thunderstorm. To avoid this happening, you can prepare for multiple scenarios by having either a backdrop or a beautiful inside scene to take photos underneath instead. For example, if you're getting married in a church, try to find a nice section of the church that can be well-lit in the event that it rains too much for you to take photos outside. This way, you're able to have great wedding photos, no matter the weather!

Plan for Many Different Types of Photos

Some people will focus so intensely on their wedding photos that they forget to include different moods, scenarios, and things to focus on. There are many different kinds of wedding photos, and limiting yourself to only one kind is undoubtedly going to make you regret it years later. Planning for alternate photos with your family members, different backgrounds, or even having an opportunity for wedding guests to take pictures with you can provide a fun atmosphere that will be undoubtedly fun to look back on.

Make Sure Your Smile Is Noticeable

In a good photo, a smile means everything, so be sure to make sure that your smile will look fantastic. That way, not only will your smile radiate outward, but because the smile is one of the most important parts of a face, you'll also feel good in the process. Make sure that you know exactly what your teeth need—if whitening is something that you need to do to make your teeth look ideal, do that well in advance. It is simply not possible to solve your dental problems overnight or even over the course of a week, so planning months in advance is advised if you want to make sure your smile looks perfect on your special day. For those who have issues with alignment of their teeth, making sure you plan ahead is essential. Keep in mind that traditional braces can take months or even years to work so for those who are a bit more pressed for time, look into using some quicker alternatives to traditional braces.