Choosing a wedding venue is one of the most important decisions for creating the perfect day. The wedding venue not only is the most expensive aspect of the wedding, but it also sets the tone for the ceremony and reception. The top things to consider when planning your wedding in California include location, the guest experience, and the wedding theme.


California has stunning weather year-round, which makes it an excellent place for wedding planning. Since it is such a large state, your wedding venue could range anywhere from the downtown cityscapes of San Diego to certain wedding venues in Fresno with gorgeous scenery. Since there is such a wide array of choices, the other factors weigh heavily into the decision. Choosing a venue should include consideration for the cost, amenities included, the theme of the location, food, and the capacity for guests. A great venue will create the right atmosphere for you and your guests while still meeting your needs for other amenities and space.

Guest Experience

Your wedding should be a day to remember for you and your guests. When choosing certain wedding venues across California, it is important to decide what the needs are for your guest list. Keeping an accurate list of how many guests are invited, ensuring there is adequate space, entertainment, and food for everyone is key to a successful event. Also, if your guests are not local, having a venue that can host them or near accommodations is important. In certain wedding venues,for example, you can have your wedding in a garden overlooking the lake and still have some overnight rooms available on the property with a stunning outdoor view, which makes it easier for you to keep your wedding plans organized and your guests happy. Do you need transportation for your guests, especially if alcohol will be present?

When choosing your wedding venue, check to see if they meet all the criteria you set for your special day.

Wedding Theme

The wedding venue creates a vision for your wedding day. While searching for wedding venues, consider the overall tone of your wedding. Would you love a lush outdoor oasis or a grand hotel for your wedding venue? Choosing the right setting can create the backdrop for your event without requiring as much expense in decorations. If you want an outdoor wedding, some venues can transition an outdoor event into an indoor reception or an indoor wedding into an outdoor party. Both are effortless ways to make the most of a wedding venue space without increasing the cost significantly. Consider well, as the theme will be a significant part of your wedding photography, and harmony between the decorations will create the best memories for your special day.

Ultimately, the wedding venue should reflect the bridal couple and their love. Choose your venue based on how it fits you as a couple while considering the location, guest experience, and theme. California has stunning venues that can elevate your day from simple to memorable.