So whether it’s graduation portraits, professional portraits, or just attempting to have more pictures of yourself to share with others, it might be time for a portrait. Luckily, we have some great techniques to guarantee the best portrait experience. But if you’re feeling a bit nervous about having a camera so up close, consider focusing on that key feature in a photograph: the smile. Here are some tips that you can implement to get ready for your portrait session!

Beautiful Teeth Tip 1: Use an Oral Irrigator Frequently

Buy an oral irrigator at an online or local store so that you can have beautiful white teeth. You must fill an oral irrigator tank with fresh water before using the machine’s wand to inject highly pressured water into your mouth. Aim the wand at your teeth, especially along the gums and between the teeth to remove food debris or plaque that is noticeable in photographs.

Beautiful Teeth Tip 2: Avoid Eating Brightly Colored Foods and Beverages

Brightly colored beverages and foods can discolor the enamel on your teeth, so when you are a model, you should avoid these items. You shouldn’t drink grape juice or red wine, and you shouldn’t eat fruits such as pomegranates or strawberries. Some of the vegetables that can stain your teeth include carrots or spinach.

Beautiful Teeth Tip 3: Keep Dental Floss With You All Of the Time

Make sure to keep dental floss with you all of the time so that you can remove food debris after eating a meal. Dentists recommend using dental floss at least once a day, but when you are a model, you should floss your teeth frequently. Learn how to use floss correctly so that you aren’t damaging your teeth with the thick threads.

Beautiful Teeth Tip 4: Visit Your Dentist

Schedule an appointment with your dentist several times a year for a routine checkup to repair small cavities or prevent gum disease. When you visit your dentist, request a professional teeth cleaning so that you can eliminate ugly plaque, or perhaps a type of treatment like sealant if you’re having extra problems with plaque. Your teeth will look better after your teeth are cleaned by your dentist.

Beautiful Teeth Tip 5: Whiten Your Teeth

You can keep your teeth whiter by using store-bought whitening products such as strips or mouth rinses. Just make sure to follow the instructions carefully to ensure you aren’t damaging your teeth or gums. If you have the resources, you can also professionally whiten them for quicker, and more permanent results.  

Beautiful Teeth Tip 6: Drink a Lot Of Water

By drinking a lot of water each day, especially after eating, you can keep your teeth cleaner. If your mouth is hydrated properly, then you are less likely to have a problem with bacteria that can cause cavities or gingivitis. Drink at least eight glasses of water on a daily basis to have pearly white teeth.


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