Winter is truly a magical season of the year, making it an ideal time to host a fantasy wedding. Sparkling winter white dresses, snow-covered grounds, and rustic plaids and branches can all set the stage for a celebration worthy of the beauty of the season. Here are four tips for hosting the most festive winter wonderland wedding:

Make it a Destination Wedding

The winter season and the holidays make it especially convenient to host a destination wedding. Consider hosting your wedding at a ski resort and invite your guests to make a weekend out of the nuptial festivities. In addition to the vast skiing and snowshoeing recreational opportunities, you can invite your guest out on a magical sleigh ride or a cozy reception by the fire.

Toast with Warm Drinks

The warm drink possibilities are endless with a winter wonderland wedding. A hot cocoa bar at the reception is a fun treat for people of all ages. Kids will love getting the opportunity to add marshmallows, whipped cream, peppermint candies, and more to their mug of hot cocoa. Adults can sip mulled wine or customize their hot cocoa or coffee with a variety of alcoholic additions. One or two bartenders can help with those sorts of drinks, or create menus of basic recipes that people can follow. A mug of a steaming beverage will warm up your guests and set the tone for a festive party.

Consider Your Clothing

Especially if you plan on using the winter wonderland scene for a backdrop for pictures, you need to pay attention to the clothing you choose for yourself and your bridal party. You will not be able to leverage the winter setting for amazing pictures unless everyone is warm and comfortable. Get ahead of this challenge by getting your bridesmaids modest dresses that are fit for the occasion. Winter accessories such as a chic faux-fur stole, velvety fabrics for the groomsmen, and plush hats or headbands will not only keep your wedding party warm, but they will also contribute to the festive look of your big day.

Offer a Seasonal Menu

Winter's bounty offers a myriad of seasonal fare appropriate for any personal taste and preference. Harness the goodness of the season by designing your reception menu around the best flavors. A hearty warm soup makes a greater starter course. Earthy flavors such as mushrooms, truffles, bruschetta, and leeks will complement any winter menu. End the meal with some of the season's best fruit offerings such as pear, cranberry, and fig.

With a little creativity, you can harness the spirit of the season and turn your wedding into a celebratory and cozy affair.

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