LVA Studios had the chance to cover the first ever cancer walk put on through Imagine Me Foundation. We’ve been working with Melissa for a little over three years now, and we have a certain bond that connects both our passion together through visuals, as well as giving back to the community. Every event Melissa puts on with Imagine Me Foundation has brought so much joy and inspiration, as well as motivation, to people’s lives, and we love her for that. Since the birth of Imagine Me in 2007, they have made many people smile, have given out hugs, and have celebrated life with those diagnosed with cancer. In addition, they remember the families who are in need of ongoing support.

We decided to team up with Imagine Me in Lagoon Valley Park, which is located right between Vacaville and Fairfield. The event brought over 100 participants and raised over $7,000 for the foundation. Fantastic job! We had an amazing time documenting the event, and also got to experience something brand new, as we have never captured any walk or running event ever. It was quite the experience and we would like to thank Melissa, Imagine Me Foundation, and all the supporters that helped out and participated that day.

We're exciting to see the outcome of next year and invite you to join us!

Photos and video from the event can be viewed below...