We at LVA Studios fully support the idea that a small and intimate wedding with your family and friends is just as meaningful as, and usually a lot more fun than, a big, lavish one. Not that we are opposed to large weddings, but we understand the desire of couples to invest money in their future together rather than in an expensive wedding. Since the recession of 2009, we have noticed many brides and grooms have been more conscientious when planning for their wedding day. In order to avoid unnecessary expenses when planning for a budget friendly wedding, brides are scouring through Pinterest and getting friends together for DIY wedding projects. However, with all these cost-friendly tips in mind, it is vitally important to understand that wedding photography is an area where you cannot afford to skimp.

You have probably seen wedding photo albums where the bride and groom post pictures from guests using their smartphones to capture the day’s events. Those candid shots are usually relegated to the last two pages of the photo album since only a few of the hundreds of guest-taken photographs came out well enough for inclusion. The other pictures in the album were all a result of professional wedding photography. You may have even heard of weddings where a relative of the couple was tasked with taking wedding pictures with his “snazzy digital camera”, only to accidentally delete them before the wedding couple could see them. We hear about this all to often at LVA Studios and we want to help you avoid the pain of trying to salvage pictures that weren’t taken well in the first place.

You can count on LVA Studios for all of your wedding photography needs if you are getting married or hosting a wedding reception in the California Bay Area. Wedding photography is what we do best. Since we have captured countless weddings in the Bay Area, wedding photography done by the professionals at LVA Studios can capture the beauty of the Bay Area in ways that pictures taken by amateurs, even those who have taken a lot of nice looking pictures on Facebook, cannot. Besides that, the guests’ job is to have fun at the wedding, not to make sure that the wedding pictures come out well. It is fine if your guests also bring their own cameras or take pictures on their phones to remember your special day, but professional wedding photography is best left to the professionals. This is especially important to consider at the reception. Even the biggest photography enthusiasts in your family will not be interested in taking quality pictures; they will be too busy dancing, eating wedding cake, and catching up with out-of-town relatives. Put your mind at ease and let your guests enjoy your wedding; leave the wedding photography to LVA Studios so everyone else can simply enjoy your wedding day.